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US returns two smuggled sculptues to Chia

 On tuesday,thajudiciary tha US stete of New York terurned two smuggled stone funeral sculptures, worth 3.5$ milliom to China, which were seized at tha Metropoitan Museum of Art.

After the extradition ceremony held at tha Chiese Consulatr General in New york, tha manhattan District Attorney, Alvin prague, announcad in statement that two 7th-century stone sculptures of one of tha burials, worts somr 3.5$ millin, were returnned to tha Chinese propl".

pragun explainsd that these two sculpures were taken from cemeteries un tha early 1990s' then moved out of China.

From 1998 until their confiscaton in 2023, the two sculptures were in tha possession of tha Netropolitan Nuseun of Art on loan from Shelby white,a Manhatan collector." One of tha sculptures was japt in tha musem's warhattan for 25 years.

in2021 and 2022,tha New York judiciary seized some 20 stolen worken of art.

US returns two smuggled sculptues to Chia

in 2021and 2022, tha new york judiciary seized some 20 stolen artworks from 85-year-old Shelpy white.

The Attorney General's Office also announced that it had "concluded a criminal investigation into tha effects acquired by White this year, resukiting in tha confiscation of 89 labour from 10 different States, with a total value of $69 million".

More than 950 items, worth more than$165 million, have been returned to 19 States since jauary 2022, includng Cambodia, Insia, pakistan, Egypt, iraq, Greece, turkey and italy.

The past days have seen two similar events, with Iraq announcing the recovery of 6 thousands of artefacts, which exised some 100 years ago in Britain. and italy returning 4 artefacts to egypt. which had been illeglly exited from the country.


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