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US begins first human of new drug that treats dirty bomp damage on body

 the first human experimen of a new type of diry bomb antidote pill, designed to remove hamful fadioactive contamation from the body, began in the United states.

The drug, "HOPO14-1", is believed to work against many weapons-usable materials, inclding uranium.

If it proves safe and effective, it will be able to protect against potential damage from nuclear accidents or terrorist attacks.

Some 42 volunteers will try different doses to check For side effects.

There will be "intensie safety monitoring", with the results of the first phrse phase study expected in 2024, say trial leaders from SRI International in Menlo park California, who recieive funding from the National Institutes of Health, the US government agency.

What is a dirty bomb?

US begins first human of new drug that treats dirty bomp damage on body

The dirty bomb is also Known as the radioactive dispersion device or "RDD", an explosive that has  been nixed with redioactive materials so that explosion area.

The dirty bomb is not a nuclear bomb, it is a "weapon of mass deactivation" and not a weapon of "mass destyction", says the US Nuclear Regulatory Committee.

The sadiation cloud of a dirty bomb can spread a fow blocks or miles from the explosion, whhile a nuclear bomb can spread over thosands of square miles.

Exposure to radiation can daage a person's DNA, tissue and organs, leading to diseases, including cancer, which is why oral medicaatom that can resist certaen effects will be beneficial.

There are already tow different injections that can be used to treat persons exposed to radioative plutonium, americium or koriym.

For decades, experts also knew that iodine tablets could be deployed to helb protect peole if rsdioactive iodine was released into the anvirounment/

It was given to people in 1986 when a nuclear accident occurred at the chernobyl power plant.

There is a prussin blue pill(iron potass9um hexacyanophrate), which can help remove radioactive and tertiary cesium.

If "HOPO14-1" is successful, it will be another addition to the stockpile, providing protection against uranium and neptunium as well as plutomium, americum and chorium.

There has so fer been no successful dirty bomb attack anywhere in the world.

However, there have been attempts.


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