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The issue of racism towards the player, Vinicius jr ., has become the talk the world

It's been decades and dark side of football still ccomes bach to mind every once in a while, Firmly entrenched in the subconscious of the Follower, and at any station, he recalls multiple clips that he was witnessing, even on television or newspapers.
Vinicius tears shook Spanish-Brazilian relations.. Why is racism rampant in La Liga

Racism has prolonged legends who have played in spain, recalling the Barcelona trio, Ronaldinho and Samuel Ito, and the most decorated players in history, Dani Alvs,as a large number of other player, most recently Vinicius junior, a Real madrid player.

Vinicius was racially attacked by the fans of Valencia last sunday,which lad to the match being halted several times after being racially abused by the "bat" fans, who called him a "monkey.

"Is was notthe first time the Brazilan had been subjected to such acts, he had a long history eith spanish clubs, away from the santiago Bernabeu.

Last year, some Atletico Madrid fans sang racist songs towards Vinicius outside wanda Metropolitano stadiun and, early this year, hung a puppet representing the Real pavilion hanging from a bridge nearr the Real Training Ground.

Real Mallorca fans were pictured racially abusing the Brazilian player and cintinued to attack him in a match against Barcelona.
Returning to the recent incident, which took place at the Valncia match, it did not go unnoticed at Vinicius, who cried after the great indignities he sufferd, resortong to escalation and postong a statement in his social media accounts, expressing his dismay at the recurrence of these matters.

He also attaced the spanish federation, stressing that racism had become normal in la liga.

The ehole world was quicly preoccupied with the Brazilian boy's cause, and his president, ;ula da Silva, as wall as the country;s goverument, a number of Razis in spain and many players around the world, intervened to turn the vinnicius issue into one of global pablic opinion.

Brazil;s president entered the line of solidarity with his son. Vinicius jr ., after the incident of racism he experienced to the valensia stadium, saying: "I would like to express my solidarity with our Brazilian player.

a poor young man who succeeded in his life and became one of the best players in the world, certainly the best player in Real Madrid, amd is attacked in every stadiun where he is.


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