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surprise about Harrison ford saying about his age arriving at 80

 Aurperise about Harrison gord, 80, stressed that loved "getting older." while in cannes to present the latest film "Indiana jones"' in which he reclaims young people's featurs thanks to sprcial effects.

Hollywood is icreasingly iterested in this type of work, which includes what are dwscribid as degital cosmetilly,  and which seems highly compelling, wspecially in thie fifth part of the series, in which ford regains the role of a reowned archaeologist for the last time.

 Ford joked buring a press congerece that "I dom't turn back and say I once was, because it wouldn't happen, I like to get older, living in the youth phase, was wery good, but, righhtly, I could have been dead, but I'm just old.

Harrison Ford

ilm star Harrison ford. who was surprisingly given an honorar goldn treat before the official screening of the film on Thursdy night, does not intend to retire after this farewell to Indiana jones, the most famous role of his long career alongside Han Solo;s charcter in the "star wars" series.

Ford confirmed that he would continue to participate in the series "1923" ("paramount place") and "Schrenking"  ("APPLE TV ") .

Kathleen Kennedy, president of Disney affiliate lucasfilm amd owner of the Indiana jones series, confirmed that these studios will not in the future use the special effects of beinging Harrisn Ford back on screen as the famous archaeolgist.

"Indiana jones and the Dale of Destiny" Iaunches at the and june in American and international ciemas.


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