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Shockong surprise . Taht's how much your body needs to test every day

 When waking up, the sense of comfore varise from time to time and from one person to anoother.

While some can jump straight out of bed and sart the day with activity and vitality,others reel lethargic and almost glued to each other;s eyelids eveb though some slep has been obtained but the sense of comfrort has not been achieved.

Shocking surprise... That's how much your body needs to rest every day.

Experts say that the pressures of modern life are inevitable, but it must be realized that stress without adequate recovery is harmful to health and should be avoided.

Behavoural scientist emily Nagoski and twin sister Amelia Nagoski assume that 42% is the necessary part of the day when one needs rest to work optimally All actiivities can be performed in a variety of froms within about 10 hours ad are devited daily to this.

But ot should be oted that a person eill not need to get 42% rest and sleep every day but it has to balance oover several days in ordwr to feel most useful.

Shocking surprise... That's how much your body needs to rest every day.

Varying needs from person to person

Needless to say, the amount of rest required depends onindividual needs. when a preson is not sleeping well, feeling stressed or having a busy schedule, they may fssl that they need more frequent breaks, but more importantly they allow their bode time to activate  the hospitlizatin chain and return to balance, at which time the body can repair and recover.

Shocking surprise... That's how much your body needs to rest every day.
7types of comfrort.

It can also be difficult to identify comfort because it looks different for everyon.But Dr. Sonder Dalton Smith, in her boo; Sacred Rest: Recover Your life, Renew Your Energy, Restore Your Sanity, identified seven types of comfort: creatve, mental, physicall, social, emotional, sensory and spiritual comfort.

omfort  Behaviour

comfort can also be defined as any behaviour aimed at increasing physical or mental well-being, it can be be physical activity such as going out for a walk, or relaxing, such as taking 10 minutes to sit and breahte deeply.

leep,on the other hand, is an essential function of the body and affects each systm of cognitive functions to public health and immunity.

Enough rest

Even when one feels that they simply don't have time, best practices are always finding small ways in which they can incorporte comfort and relaxation into their daily routines.

A person makes time every day to eat, move around, complete assignments and go to work, so they have to make time rest.


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