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Launch of a new global network to detect infectious diseases

 The world health organization (WHO) Iaunched an interationl onal surveillance network to quickly detect threats related to new information to prevent epidemics.

The network is expected to faciliate rapid identication and tracing of ifectious diseases, as well as information-sharing and measures to be taken to prevent tealth disaste such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The network will be based on genomis, wich includes sequencing the genome of viruses,bacteria and other pathogens and examined their performace to determine their trasmibilirt, risk and prevalene.

Launch of a new global network to detect infectious diseases

The data collected eill strengthen a broader surveillance system aimed at identifying infectious diseases with a view to itervening to vaccines. "Ambitious" project .

WHO Director-General Teros Adhnos Ghebereyesus called the new measures "ambetious", stressing that they could play a "vital role in health securty.

The new network eill have a secret secretriat within the organizatiou's HAP for Bendamik and Ibidamik Intelligence Centre.

The network is launched on the eve of the Workd Health Assemble, with WHO member counries participating annually in Geneva.

on this occasion, WHO said: "Everyone has a common goal: to detect and respond to the threats posed by diseases before they turn into epidemics and pademics, ad to improve routine disease surveillnce.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of studying the vyrus genome to fight disease.

withiut the rapid sequencing of the SARS-Cov-2 genome, the virus responsidle  for COVID-19, it was not possible to develop vaccines so quiklyy and effectively, nor to identify the new mutants most rapidly transmitted.

The world health ornanizatio (WHO) said that "genome scince is at the centre of preparedness and effective response to eppidemics", stressing that genetic analysis of pathogens is also importat for controlling many diseases, such as influenza or AIDS.

while the COVID-19 pandemc has led countries to  improve their genome sequencing capabilities, others.

The new web has to face simmilar challenges "topovide all countries within their to pathogen genome sequences and analysis within their public health system", according to Tedros.


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