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Experts predict how AI will chang the world in 2030

 with the accelerted advancement of artificial intelligence, multiple expectations are spreading about the role this technology will play in human life, and what  the world will be like in the coming years.

Experts expect AI to be able take care of older people, make films, give lessons or even eliminate humankind be 2030.

The writer of the sci-fi seris "silo" Mr howey predicted that AI tecohnology would become so good that it would start producinng full films within a day.

Experts predict how AI will change the world in 2030

Artificial itelligence also has theability to trasform the education sector and design lesson plans according to the classroom.

Elimination of the human race

There are expextions that artificial intelligence will uexpectedly benefit our lives, but there are also experts warning that it could eliminate humankind by 2030.

Among the pessimsts is the American computer scintist Eliezer Yudkowski, who bet that mankind will be completely wiped out by 1 jonuary 2030.

Experts predict how AI will change the world in 2030
other leading experts who say artificial intelligence could destroy civilization include billionaire Elon Musk and British scietist stephen Hawking, although they did not intend to suggest that all human beings would be eliminated by 2030.

Solving the energy crisis

Experts have also suggested that artificial intelligence could resolve the wwirld's energy crisis by 2030, wspceciallly sfter the recent crisis, triggered by a combiation of UKraine's war, preventig fuel imports

Intelligence similar to human intelligence

It can also very soon reach the level of artificical intelligence to the level of natural human

One of those who Iaunched the waring was former Google engineer ray Kurzwell, a renowned futurist who claims that predictions achieve an 86% success rate.

Experts predict how AI will change the world in 2030
Prediction of madical problems 

In health care, AI can predict problems before they occur, 

Also within the next decade, Al could play a major role in caring for older people such as Elliq, according to Heather Delaney, founder of the london-based public relations firm


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