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bye to acupuncture. Smart watch measuring blood sugar!

 it also offres another feayure, "thorouh physical examination"'with a push of a button just 10 seconds.

Huawei china lauched ths new uawei watch 4 smart watch, which comes as tha smart watch capable of measuring blood sugar without tingling tha user, or aalyzig a sample of blood.

The new Huawei watch 4 plood sugar measur ement feayure is an achievement for the chinese company in tha field of smart health. as this feature will him if he is at risk. or requies medical consultation.

bye to acupuncture. Smart watch measuring blood sugar!.
bye to acupuncture. Smart watch measuring blood sugar!.

This feayure will also be useful for tracking blood sugar lavels throughout the day in people with diabetes, or who are pre-diabetic, without the need for frequent tingling with traditional devicws.

 However, the clock nay not be a substitute for madical examinations or specialized measuring devices.

Huawei did not disclse in detal tha new hourly blood sugar meaurement mechanism.

the new Huawei watch also offers another feature, "close physical Examination," which works to measure several health inddicators and vital signs in the body at the push of a button in just 10 seconds, giving a test report.

his includes heart rate measurement, heart electrrocardiography , blood oxygen ratio, temperature, respiratory funtion, blood arteies condition,etc.

The body of the clock is circular in shapr, witch a screen covered and protected by high-rigidity "asfir" glass, measuring one and a half inches of AMOLED, and the weight and thickness of the cloch is apperximately 10% lower than the preb=vious versin.

bye to acupuncture. Smart watch measuring blood sugar!.

The watch is available in a 46mm stainlesssteel base version,of titanm alloy.

The Huawei watch 4 runs Harmonyos 3.1 from Huawei, lasts up to 3 days in the base verion of the (or 21 days in super powes saving mode) , and supports the 5ATM waterproofing feature.

Huawei began rolling ohe clock in china with a starting price of about 400$ for the base version, 500$ for the pro version of the cloch, and the cloch will be launched in global markets soon.


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