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After the controversy the title "Voice of Egypt" Fact of disagreement Shirin and Angam

 Iehab salah, director of the works of the artist shirin abd awhab. revaled the reality of her sisagreement eith singer angham, after romors cirulated that she had disabled her accounts on social media sites.

After the controversy the title Voice of Egypt Fact of disagreement Shirin and Angam

In a tweet, salah wrote: "Important to every audience shirin and Angham, shaev Grocery like katir Rayyrh jay in the story of titles and Maine Voice of Egypt and a battle of words in the area of Mi' lah is pure pleasure.

He addded: "Thank God I heve a strod relaionship with the two stars in Acter grocery fro 15 years ago, and all the middle is very known by quais, Shirin loves Amgham and respects her from time and Angham of course by shirin the same sense.

He continued: "All the womderfol words and rumours that the problems of shirin's accounts on the social media have no truth at all. and I am in the kitchen and I know kwis very much the cause of the problem, is right of the auduence of every star to change. love and defend his star."

He concluded: "of course, it is not wrong and wounded because we are better than keddah. the conclusin of shirin and the tone of Egypt's voicis and greet value to us and the arab world, they threatenet  God as keddah."

Recently, the artist shirin abdulwhab revealed her opinion on some of her female artists, noting that she loves everyone, has good relationsships with them , and is always keen to communicate with ahem from time to time.

Shirin abdulwhab said during her episode on the show "Kairo key", presented by broadcaster Hisham al-hawish on the screen of the abu dhabi channel, that she loves artist Elisa and Noal Al-zaghbi very much becausr they are distinguished artists.

Elisa continues: "with Elisa's love,she's a very clear artist and he walks around with a need, but I'm embarrassed by her sense of siinging and she;s holding people's checks.

She added about Noal Al-Zughbi: "Noal Al-zughbi be the title of thorn, self-cinfidence and beauty, but in which I was embarrassed to hear that it is difficult to hand over, but I think for a very long time.

Hosting "Karaoke," shirin Abdulwahab continued thriugh the Dubai channel : "Dauma my strangles me and Hasim get every day I work, and Hasamini shokelit.


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