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A Suspicious Cave Teeming With Bats.. The World Is Threatening An Upcoming Pandemic.

That is nrea thing after tha devastating offects of tha coronavirus , and scintists are warnig of a new epidemic that could start from a cabe deep intha Amazon where thousnds of bats live.
Scientists have explained that tha world's next epidemic could start from a cave like planaltina, which spans more that 1.5 kiloeters and is home to thousands of bats , in the Amazon , where many caves like them are located throughout tha Amazon 
But with limited funding, nine scientists say they don't expect to detect these pathogenic mysteries anytime soon , Reuters reports.
the researchers said humani tywas fortunate to avoid a large viral
spread from tha region to date .

In turn; sabastian charno, a professor at tha Institute of Biologe, explained, at tha University of Brasilia, explabed, "If it doesb,t happpen now, there nai be other outbreaks in tha futute and we and in up in tha situatuon we are in today not knowing where thie this outbreak is coming from."This is a huge misfortune where we can't determine the evolution of this versauction.

According to a Reutrs analysis, Brazil's jumping areas have grown by more than 40% over the past two decades.

This is 2.5 times faster than similar risk areas worldwide.
Scientists have said that deforestation causes "stress and stress" in bats and some studies haye found that stressed bats can carry more viruses and release more germs into their saliva, urine and slool.
A Suspicious Cave Teeming With Bats.. The World Is Threatening An Upcoming Pandemic.
Ludmila Ager , a biologist at tha University of Brasilia, noted that "it is very sad to know that we have great potential to detect and prevent new epidemics, without doing anything"
Health experts' alerts because countries are not equipped to detect the causes and gravity of the disease

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